They key to a good spray tan is primarily in the preparation. Some of this we can do, but part of it can only be done by you.


We recommend our customers exfoliate the night before their spray tan. This will remove any dead / dry skin and leave the best possible surface to spray tan. Dead / dry skin wicks up the spray tan solution more than healthy moisturised skin and will result in darker / orange patches and streaks.


We also ask our customers to moisturise their skin (all over) once they have exfoliated. Moisturising helps ensure the skin is in the best condition to take the spray tanning solution. The more evenly skin is moisturised, the more evenly the tanning solution will take a develop. We will always moisturise hands, knees and elbows as these typically dry out first, and this prevents darker / orange patches in these areas.

Avoid products

We know it is hard, but we always recommend avoiding deodorants, ani-perspirants, and any other products on the skin (including makeup) between the above steps and your spray tan. The reason for this is that they can interfere with the way your skin takes the tanning solution. They can block pores, dry skin out and react with the tanning solution. We realise this is not always possible, and makeup can be removed just prior to your tan, but the closer this is followed the better the results.

Stay dry

Once applied your tan needs to develop. We will dry you off so you can put clothes on, but after that you need to stay dry. Water drops and spots on the skin before the tan has developed may well show once you shower off.